Costa Rica Research Day One:

Truly filled with pure life, Costa Rica is not only amazing for its views but also for its various communities. Lucia and I were given the opportunity of a lifetime to travel through this amazing country with our professor, Todd, and collect data with students from the local university:  Universidad Nacional.

It all began with Lucai and I arriving at the Airport at 4 AM to catch a plane to LAX where we would find our connecting flight to Guatemala, then landing ourselves in San Jose, Costa Rica at 12 in the morning.  Though it was a long day of traveling and catching flights, we thankfully got to rest for 4 hours before we
had to catch a shuttle that would take us to our destination in a coastal town called Dominical. For those who have never been too Dominical, or plan on going, be prepared to face some major humidity if you arrive during the rainy season. This region is the most humid area of all of Costa Rica; Lucia and I learned this the hard way when arriving. Don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying your stay though when you have the ocean at your fingertips.

While beating the heat, we explored up and down the coast watching the waves crash as beautiful tropical birds flew up and down the beach alongside.  At the end of the day, though, our room was ready and we crashed immediately; getting rest for our big week of working with the students from the University.

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