Download the 2023 Annual Report: Community Sentiment of Tourism.

The Sustainable Tourism Lab was developed to protect tourism destinations for future generations of residents and visitors. 

The Lab provides data and services to help tourism organizations around the country balance visitor and community needs. It aims to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to pursue sustainable solutions to common tourism industry problems.

To improve the tourism industry through a collaborative, stakeholder-driven process, the lab works to research and design sustainable solutions to the industry’s most pressing problems.

Community Sentiment of Tourism

OSU researchers, along with partner institutions from across the US, Asia/Pacific, and Central America are quantifying how local residents perceive tourism.

Food Waste Technology

Business, Engineering and Computer Science faculty and students have built a prototype to quantify and reduce post-consumer food waste.


Building A Sustainable Workforce

There are jobs that will always have low retention rates and that technology is not currently available to automate. For those jobs, the answer is rapid, cost-effective and impactful retraining.



tourism tax position paper 2024

Protecting Paradise A Socially Optimal Tourist Tax Framework – Montgomery 2024



Investigating the relationships between tourism and community needs in orderto provide decision-makers with objective information forinformed decisions.


Our Research in the News

Technical Report

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Building A Sustainable Workforce

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Community Sentiment of Tourism

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Food Monitoring

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